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What is Construction Consultancy?

Construction consultancy is a crucial part of the construction industry, but it’s one that isn’t well-understood by many people. Anyone undertaking building work  understands that it’s important to get good construction estimations and take
on qualified consultants, but the real extent of what the consultant does is sometimes a mystery.

Trecelyn Consultancy is here to dispel that mystery today – here’s what construction consultancy is, and what construction consultants do!

Construction Consultancy

A good construction consultant is a dedicated and experienced specialist
in a construction field, who can save you money and time by streamlining your
construction project. They can also help move your project forward by making it
less resource-intensive and recommending high-quality, trusted contractors who
can deliver results on time.

The construction industry is one of the biggest in the world, and it’s
only expected to grow as the population does. However, studies have shown that
it’s also one of the least efficient industries, with colossal amounts of wasted time, money and resources every year.  This means there’s a lot of opportunity for capable experts to optimise and streamline the construction process, and that’s where your construction consultant comes in.

What Can A Construction Consultancy Firm Do For Me?

Trecelyn Consultancy are a leading UK construction consultancy firm and have over 45 years of combined experience, so we’re able to offer a very wide variety of services to our clients – take a look at our Estimating Services page for the full overview of what we can do.

Typically, your construction consultant will work on highly specialised tasks within your project, including cost estimation and planning, which is our speciality here at Trecelyn.

Your consultants may take on roles including project management, architecture, and estimation, and we’re even able to advise you on complex areas such as sustainability and subcontracting.

Thanks to developing their specialist skills and expertise, your
consultants will also be able to perform their work faster and to a higher
standard than a construction firm could, and help you to avoid delays in
construction or costly inefficiency, which can quickly drain both your budget
and your patience.

Construction consultancy firms that specialise in cost estimation work, like
Trecelyn Consultancy, can also help you to anticipate any issues ahead of time
and avoid them entirely. When you’re investing in construction work, especially
on your home or business, then it pays to know that you won’t discover a
serious planning mistake months into construction.

When To Look For Construction Consultancy Services

If you are planning to undertake construction work, then the best time
to contact and work with consultants is the concept and planning stage, since
this is the stage from which their expertise can make the biggest difference to
the final project. Construction cost estimation consultants make sure that you
don’t waste money and resources before you’ve procured your materials,
contractors and equipment, and this works best if they’re hired at the
beginning of the project!

What To Look For In A Consultant

After finding a construction consultancy firm, the next thing you’ll want to do is make sure that they’re suitable for the needs of your project. Here are a few things to keep in mind when assessing your potential partners:

How Capable Are They? Your consultants should be at the cutting edge of
their industries – take a look at previous work they company has done to get a
feel for their level of capability. With more than 45 years of experience under
our belts, Trecelyn Consultancy can provide plenty of examples of prior work
for you to look at.

What’s the Consultant’s Track Record? Does the consultant have a record of delivering on their promises? Verified client results and references can be vital here – if your consultant isn’t willing to provide them, that’s a red flag that they may not be up to the task.

How Effectively Do They Communicate? Good communication is as important as expertise in our experience – communication can often make the difference between a successful project and a failure.

A consultant isn’t just an expense – they’re an investment that will pay off again and again in saved time, money and energy, so make sure you choose the right one for your job!

Looking for More Information? Contact Trecelyn Consultancy Today

If you’ve still got questions about construction consultancy or how our consulting and cost estimation services can help you, you can give us a call any time. Our head office team will be happy to hear from you!

You can get in touch on 077 111 82005 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or use the Contact Page on this site to send us a message, no matter the time. Our team will be happy to talk to you about our construction estimating services, what we do, and how we can help save you money on your domestic or commercial projects. They will also be able to talk you through exactly what to expect during your consultation and building process, so you know what’ll be happening at every step of the way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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