Estimating Services.

Advice on the overall cost of the construction building and procurement methods

Advice on suitable contractors and subcontractors for your proposed project

Production of tender documentation for projects and subcontract works

Preparation of applications for payments and valuations

Creating comparisons and negotiating tender packages

Subcontractor and supplier sourcing

The ending of packages to subcontractors

Assessment and negotiation of variations

Elemental cost planning and analysis

Budget estimating

Feasibility studies

Building estimating

Preparation of take-offs

Pre-let meetings / placing orders

Tendering services

B2C mediation services

Schedule of works

Value engineering

Builders quantities

Cost reduction

Accurate build costs

Procurement of subcontractors

Estimating and tendering

Site valuations

Ongoing cost management

Cost value reports

Final accounts negotiation

Creating bill of quantities

Final accounts

Projected costs

Our Process.


We provide a comprehensive breakdown of the cost plan for your project, showing your return and offering advice on estimating jobs for a number of subcontractors and contractors to enable them to secure jobs.

All our estimates are accurate, and bespoke to every single one of our clients, ensuring we take all company costs and profit margins are taken into consideration.

We give all clients a detailed labour resource summary, to check how many hours contractors should spend on materials for the job and how long the work will take them to complete.


We provide a material breakdown summary, where we will work out all the required quantities of materials to complete the desired project. When at the tendering stage our clients will then be able to send this to the suppliers, so they get the exact price and update the bill of quantities for the project. This is beneficial for our clients as in the case of drawings being updated or items being taken away at a later stage they do know have a risk of losing big chunks of profit that is hidden away in the BQQ.

We will work closely with you to ensure you do not encounter any risks, and all your wastage factors are accounted for in the bill of quantities. We will provide all the necessary paperwork you will need to ensure your project runs smoothly and encounter a good profit margin within your desired project. 

When working with our clients we offer a Day Rate for each business, as well as a lump sum for the work that they need us to complete.

Estimation Services.